Application Development

For the growth of your business processes, do you require customized applications?

Avalon has top-tier capability in creating distributed enterprise applications with high throughput and low latency that are scalable, reliable, integrated, and highly secure. The Java technology stack is well-known to our top-notch technical professionals, who also have insights into the NoSQL market and cutting-edge computing platforms like Spark. To guarantee timely and high-quality delivery, we use Agile and Continuous Delivery techniques.

Our engineers have assisted multiple Fortune 500 companies in developing software on a variety of platforms using the best corporate architectures and application development technologies. We have created reliable distributed architectures, international billing platforms, very effective algorithmic trading software, and many other things using business process management (BPM) tools.

Scalable Construction

Effective in-app development and application architecture are built on the long-term scalability of programs. We have created systems using distributed open platforms and cloud solutions for a variety of use cases and clients. Scalable systems are easily defined and created by our highly qualified architects and engineers.

Building information security

Enterprise architecture includes a crucial component called security architecture, which has become even more crucial in recent years. Our security consultants are skilled in coordinating security objectives with business objectives and are knowledgeable about the nuances of integrating security at various levels in a global organization. We have assisted major banks and telecom behemoths in setting up consistent, thorough, and robust security across systems, divisions, and geographical locations.

Governing technology strategy

Engineers with extensive experience in application development founded the technology company, Avalon. The firm's extensive technical knowledge aids in helping our clients create solid technical strategies and governance models for big programs. We recognize technology as a crucial component of contemporary business and work with our clients to connect it with broad business objectives. We collaborate with some of the most significant and demanding businesses in the world to develop integrated, complete, front-to-back technology stacks and governance frameworks for long-term success.