Robotic Process Automation

Do you need another set of hands to perform your duties?

Software that replicates human behavior to carry out rule-based
procedures with little to no human involvement is known as
Robotic Process Automation (RPA). If your company does any of
the operations listed below, they may be candidates for automation.

1. manually done task 2. involve highly repetitive tasks 3. rule-based tasks At Avalon, we take up robotic process automation engagement in a systematic way by following 3-step approach as described below:


We examine potential automated processes in this step and add qualified functions to the backlog. We designate data collecting and determine the data that the matrix requires.

Data Analysis

Using matrix data, we score and rank processes in this step, and we also begin preliminary considerations of process flow design.


For a chosen sub-process, we draught an RPA automated functional design in this step. Determine (time-boxed) opportunities for optimization prior to automation and talk about automation progression/increments for end-to-end procedures.