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Cloud Infrastructure

Avalon can assist with modernizing and re-architecting your existing apps for cloud-enabled integration and scalability utilizing Azure, whether you're looking for an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. How can your dream become a reality?

Cloud Infrastructure

Avalon can assist with modernizing and re-architecting your existing apps for cloud-enabled integration and scalability utilizing Azure, whether you're looking for an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. How can your dream become a reality?

Avalon can help you implement cloud infrastructure.

You've done your study and are ready to benefit from the Cloud, but you're not sure what it comprises or how to successfully apply it, am I right? We understand. We've assisted businesses of all sizes in the past as they investigated the difficulties and advantages of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and the overall advantages of the Cloud. In order to properly adopt Cloud technology, we went a step further and formed a partnership with them.

Exploration of IaaS

For Avalon consultants, Azure's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is nothing new. Our extensive knowledge of on-premise and cloud data centre technologies aids in the design and implementation of the finest on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions for our clients and partners' businesses. Our team of committed specialists will make sure your company is fully utilizing cloud services like resource usage, cost savings, flexible data storage, resilient disaster recovery, and network extension through strategic analyses of your particular business needs.

Cost Efficiency by effective usage of the resources

With the help of Avalon, you can efficiently use Azure Computing to modify your infrastructure by using dedicated Linux or Windows virtual machines, as well as additional compute services like Kubernetes (AKS), ACI, and others. Applications that still require dedicated servers to host them can go into the cloud as a result. Let us assist you in recognizing cost reductions over time with size and reservations, scaling resources as needed, and identifying cost savings in the short term.

Proper – Information Storage

Avalon has the experience to make sure your company is utilising Azure Storage services efficiently. These services were created with high availability and performance in mind. Our team can show you how to archive, store, and store data in a range of datacenters around the globe while managing resilience by replicating that data between various regions as necessary. We can instruct you on how to manage access in a variety of circumstances. We'll even offer you advice on how to replace conventional file servers and use Azure Files to connect authentication to Active Directory.

Technologies to Expand Your On-Premise Network

Microsoft enables you to expand your on-premises network technologies or move them to cloud infrastructure through Azure Networking. Microsoft has more than 165,000 kilometres of private fibre. From enterprise-grade security and high availability to a low latency experience, you can stay connected whether you are in a hybrid or on-premises environment. The Avalon team can assist you in designing and implementing the best solution for your company because they have considerable experience with even the most complicated network designs.

Improve - Disaster Recovery

Any solution must have the right architecture in order to achieve high uptime requirements as well as requirements for recoverability in the event of an outage or other problem. Avalon may integrate several other BCDR-focused services, like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, to help your company satisfy even the strictest RTOs and RPOs. Let us assist you in creating a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your infrastructure and apps.

Condense - Virtual Desktops

We are aware that productivity and security must be balanced. Our committed professionals are prepared to assist you with implementing Azure Virtual Desktop as a result. With the help of this solution, businesses may easily provide apps to remote customers or swiftly create virtual PCs. We can adapt to the unique use case of your company because of our extensive experience in creating and delivering AVD solutions as well as the overall Azure Architecture. To go even farther, we have knowledge in AVD operational automation and cost efficiency.

Consider using platform as a service (PaaS)

You may rely on Avalon's depth of expertise to effectively leverage Platform as a Service (PaaS) products in addition to IaaS. We'll assist you in finding the ideal ratio between feature flexibility, cost optimization, and operational effort. We'll provide you personalised advice so you can stop worrying about patching and maintenance and concentrate more on your applications and data. Whether you're interested in Azure SQL Database/Managed Instance or App Services, Avalon can assist you in making the switch and realising the ROI on this critical component of cloud-native digital transformation.

Create a cloud-native database

You can profit fully from Managed Instances / Azure SQL Database by working with Avalon. With minimal to no modifications to your data or applications, we'll assist you in reducing operational effort, utilising responsive scalability, and reducing complexity for high availability.

Structured Web Application Code for you

Avalon is aware that occasionally all you need is for your web application code to function. We'll assist you in streamlining these efforts using our understanding of App Services so you can concentrate on the code of your application without having to worry about operating system upkeep.
Avalon provides the knowledge and tools you need to get the most of your technology investment, whether you're looking to benefit from virtual machines through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or concentrated on online apps without cloud maintenance with Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Benefits of the Cloud for Identity and Security

Avalon may examine several components that make up important parts of your security posture and offer specific advice as your trusted partner for identity infrastructure security. Furthermore, Avalon can use practical methods to contrast your implementation with similar-sized businesses operating in the same sector. Learn about the advantages the Cloud offers and how Avalon can assist you at every stage.

Boost your Credibility

As far as identity compromise goes, Avalon is aware that password-based assaults on user identities are more common than newly emerging attack methods like permission phishing and attacks on nonhuman identities. Our staff of specialists is prepared to impart knowledge on how to use useful products like Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Defender for Identity, and others successfully. Additionally, we are prepared to demonstrate how to use Windows Hi's password less authentication to completely do away with passwords. We have your back when it comes to having impressive credentials.

Minimize the area of your attack

We can help your company implement security practices such implementing Zero Trust security principles, limiting access entry points, switching to cloud authentication, exerting greater control over administrative access to resources, and banning the usage of outdated, less secure protocols. To guarantee your attack surface is constrained, we'll specifically use Microsoft technologies like Cloud/Legacy Authentication, Invalid entry points, Privilege Access Management (PIM), Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Graph API.

Automated Response to Threats

According to our experience, automatically intercepting attacks and eliminating the delay between detection and response cut down on the amount of time criminals spend integrating into your environment, saving businesses both time and money. With the help of sign-in risk policies, risk security policies, conditional access policies, M365 Defender (Endpoint, Office 365, Identity, Cloud Apps), Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), monitoring and alerts, we'll help your company make sure it is always prepared for an attack.

Cloud Intelligence on job

We offer advice on how to use security logs and reports to capture suspicious activity electronically and assist you in seeing patterns that could point to attempted or successful external network infiltration as well as internal attacks. You'll learn how to perform forensic analysis, document regulatory compliance, keep track of user activities, and more using auditing. We'll work with you to make sure you have a log retention policy in place for both your sign-in logs and audit logs for Azure AD in addition to setting up alerts to notify you of security occurrences.

Improve Your Cloud Infrastructure for Cost Savings

Avalon is aware that investing in infrastructure is a big decision, therefore it's important to manage it wisely. We'll offer advice on how to supply the resources that are sized adequately and that you are taking advantage of any price reductions or scaling solutions like reserved instances, scale sets, autoscaling, etc. to make sure you aren't spending more than you need to for your cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we can assist you in redesigning your workloads and applications to leverage cloud-native technologies and architectures in order to save costs while enhancing scalability and dependability.

Learn More About Refactoring

The cloud is more than simply another location to operate the same virtual servers; it also offers a novel operating model and a unique set of tools for designing and deploying scalable and adaptable infrastructure. Although it can be expensive to redesign an application or system's architecture to use more affordable cloud-native solutions, doing so can be beneficial in the long run when operational expenses and dependability are considered. Scalable infrastructure and applications may be hosted affordably with Azure cloud-native solutions like Azure SQL, App Services, Application Gateway, Front Door, etc. DCG has the know-how to assist in transforming your application landscape to make use of these cloud-native tools and technologies.

Learn More About Right Sizing

Infrastructure and service costs are major considerations when moving to the cloud. It is less important to optimize how many CPU cores or RAM are used by a particular server or application when on-premise infrastructure is acquired as a capital investment. Getting resource allocation as near to what is required to maintain performance while also lowering cost is crucial since in the cloud, consumption is everything when it comes to cost. Both IaaS and PaaS services support this. Avalon can offer the knowledge required to make the necessary adjustments and appreciates the value of right-sizing to lower overall operating expenses.